Three former employees of CISS have filed a putative class action lawsuit that seeks unpaid money due to them along with PAGA penalties. The lawsuit seeks to recover unpaid wages. The lawsuit is for employees of CI SECURITY SPECIALISTS, INC. who lived in California and were sent to work at special events such as concerts, sports games, or horse races. Most the events were multi day music festivals far from where the employees in the class action lived. The violations sued for apply to employees who were paid late even if they have been fully paid all their wages due.

The specific legal violations for unpaid wages being sued for are:

  • CI Security Specialists (CISS) security officers sue for unpaid wages, late payments of wages, and expenses
  • Failure to pay for all hours worked.
  • Missing hours or days of work not paid for.
  • Improper number of overtime or double time hours paid.
  • Not being paid to wait in check-in lines for 30-40 minutes.
  • Not being paid to drive to events hours from home.
  • Inability to leave posts and take Meal Breaks.
  • Unable to take Rest Breaks.

The specific legal violations for unpaid expenses include:

  • Not paying for transportation to distant events.
  • Not paying for lodging (motels, hotels) when working multi-day events.
  • Not paying for food and drinks at multi-day events.
  • Not Reimbursing for cell phones used on the job.

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The lawsuit filed by this law firm seeks multiple labor penalties against CISS. Penalties are sought for late payments of wages, inadequate wage statements, and PAGA penalties. Some of these penalties go back to 2019 and others go back to 2023.

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of CI Security Specialist workers dispatched to special events in order to obtain the following penalties:

  • PAGA penalties because CISS failed to provide adequate drinking water.
  • Penalties for failing to pay all wages at the time of employment terminations.
  • Penalties for failing to pay all wages, according to law, if employees quit.
  • Improper explanations on paystubs.

Our law firm’s investigation into the case reveals CISS employees experienced paystub errors for which they are entitled to penalties. These problems with the paystubs that did not comply with California Labor Code Section 226 include some of the following or all of the following: a) failing to indicate the correct number of hours Plaintiffs and class worked for regular, overtime, and double time on their paystubs; b) failing to state the correct rate of pay for overtime, double time, and regular wages because the corresponding hours on the checks did not match the actual number of hours worked in those categories; c) checks exist which merely state an amount of money without any explanation. It is unknown if taxes are taken, whether the computation is gross or net, how many hours are being paid for, what the hourly rates are, whether the pay is overtime, double time, regular and for how many hours, the dates of the pay period, some manner of identifying the employee as (a)(7) requires; d) the name of the employer on the checks includes an entity named Diamond Pero, LLC which is not the employer and/or paystubs state, “Diamond Pero, LLC,” and sometimes “Diamond Pero, LLC L.F. CISS” when CISS is not the name of the Defendant, and Diamond Pero, LLC L.F. CISS purports to portray an employer that is not the employer and for which there is not a known legal entity in California; e) The address of the employer on the checks is also incorrect; e) the paystubs fail to correctly state the rate and number of meal and/or rest break penalties paid.

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The unique nature of the work at CI Security Specialists, Inc. required that they reimburse security guards and other special event workers for expenses. The class action filed by this law firm seeks to recover those expenses. If you have questions about expenses owed please contact our law firm at 877-525-0700 if you are a California employee.

The putative class action lawsuit seeks to recover:

  • Cell phone reimbursements because employee cell phones were used to communicate with supervisors and other employees when working.
  • Expenses due to being stuck out of town for multiple days.
  • Parking at events.
  • Transportation to events.

Although our law firm has spoken to numerous CISS employees, and has three clients acting as potential class representatives in this lawsuit, it is our goal to speak to as many people as possible who were harmed by CI Security Specialists, Inc. because they were not fully paid. Contact us at 877-525-0700. We have offices in Riverside, Sherman Oaks, and Bakersfield.