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Who are we and how can we Help You?

We have been helping injured workers for over twenty years. We are both workers compensation lawyers and labor lawyers. Our attorneys are here to advise you on all related aspects to a workers compensation case. Issues related to the workers compensation case include whether you also have a civil lawsuit against your employer, whether a third-party should be sued due to the work accident, whether you are entitled to greater benefits due to your employer’s retaliation, and whether there is any reason your employer should pay penalties for willfully creating a dangerous condition that led to a work injury.

All workers compensation cases are taken on a low contingency fee around 12.5%. The workers compensation appeals board is required to approve your workers compensation settlement. The workers compensation board will approve a workers compensation settlement if the attorney fees are separate from the amount being paid to the injured worker. All case costs are advanced by the workers compensation lawyer. Workers compensation lawyers do not get paid if there is not any monetary recovery on the case, or it is not won.

We assist in workers compensation issues throughout Southern California. We have an office on Indiana in Riverside. We also have offices in San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County (several), Orange County, Oxnard, and Kern County. We are real attorneys who have worked together for years.

The Employment Lawyers Group was founded by Karl Gerber. He practices law on a daily basis and is not just a figurehead of a large legal organization in another state. He regularly works on cases at our offices in various counties, regularly represents clients in courts in Southern California, and binding arbitration proceedings. On a weekly basis he speaks to many workers compensation clients. He even writes many of the legal briefs the firm uses. The rest of the firm’s lawyers are as real and Karl Gerber.


  1. What are the differences between disputed and non-disputed workers compensation cases?
  2. Can I bring a workers compensation case if I was at fault in the accident that caused the work injury, or my employer claims I was negligent?
  3. How long does it take to get benefits from the workers compensation such as weekly, biweekly, or monthly pay, and which is it I will receive?
  4. Is my ability to get medical treatment, or to chose my own doctors different if my workers compensation case is undisputed?
  5. Does my employer have to accept me back at work if I still have medical restrictions?
  6. How much can I get for workers compensation disability benefits while I am out of work because of my work injury?
  7. Is there any chance I can be stuck paying the medical bills due to my work injury?
  8. Does workers compensation pay for expensive prescription drugs?
  9. If I have my own health insurance can I use it, or must I use my own health insurance if I have a workers compensation claim?


Changing attorneys in workers compensation cases happens all the time. You have a legal right to change your workers compensation lawyer.

5 Reasons for changing workers compensation lawyers include:
  1. The workers compensation lawyer will not file charges for retaliation due to a work injury otherwise known as a 132a claim which will increase the injured worker’s benefits.
  2. The workers compensation lawyer is too difficult to reach. He will not pick up the phone, an appointment cannot be had, and he has never been met me.
  3. The workers compensation case is taking an unusually long time and the client suspects the delay is because of their workers compensation attorney
  4. The workers compensation lawyer seems to only want to handle the easy part of the case, but is not looking out for the injured worker’s rights to full relief and potential benefits. For example they will not file a necessary personal injury case outside of the workers compensation system against a third-party, other than the employer, who caused the work injury.
  5. The workers compensation lawyer has the client treating with odd doctors and/or there appears to be a scheme to over treat the client and bill the workers compensation carrier (this is exactly what we mean when we refer to unethical workers compensation lawyers and doctors)

If you have any questions about a work injury, a workers compensation claim that is already on file or might exist, retaliation due to a work injury, a civil case due to a work injury, or medical restrictions and limitations caused by a work injury your employer will not honor please contact our office at 1-877-525-0700.

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Call 1-877-525-0700 to speak to reputable lawyers who can steer you on the right path about your workers compensation rights and labor rights to the extent you have lost your job due to your work injury, you were retaliated against, or your employer is not accommodating your work restrictions.