An employee’s sexual orientation does not determine whether workplace sexual harassment is illegal. The touching of an employee’s buttocks, genitals, or breasts is both sexual battery and sexual harassment regardless of the sexual orientation of the person being sexually harassed, or the person engaging in the sexual harassment. Our employee lawyers have succeeded in workplace sexual harassment lawsuits in which the perpetrator was gay and the victim was gay, straight people against gay people, straight people against gay people, and curious bisexuals obsessed with sexually harassing a gay employee. Physical sexual harassment includes the unwanted touching of body parts. Blocking motions may also constitute sexual harassment. Harassers that cause the victim to believe they will be touched engage in assault which is a form of sexual harassment.

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Verbal sexual harassment is based upon words used by the harasser to the victim, or within earshot of the victim. Repeatedly asking an employee on a date is sexual harassment if the employee has indicated they are not interested. Verbal sexual harassment involves invitations, or requests for sex. Persistent compliments about one’s clothing, or how they look in the clothing may constitute sexual harassment. Graphic sexual harassment occurs when the harasser describes how one’s buttocks, breasts, or genitals move in clothing, or what they would like to do to those organs. Questions about one’s sexual preferences and what types of sexual experiences they enjoy is sexual harassment. The sending of nude pictures, or requests for inappropriate pictures is sexual harassment.

Verbal sexual harassment occurs by conversation. Sexually oriented text messages can also be sexual harassment. Besides text messages, written sexual harassment involves letters and emails. Unwanted love notes and streams of un-responded to text messages have won the day in several of our sexual lawsuits. Visual sexual harassment includes watching and commented on pornographic images in front of the victim. Drawing obscene pictures of the victim, or body parts is also sexual harassment.

Repeatedly asking somebody on a date is sexual harassment if the person has indicated they are not interested.

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When sexual requests are tied to work treatment, raises, promotions, or the ability to remain employed that is called quid pro quo sexual harassment. Generally quid pro quo sexual harassment is done by a person in charge such as a supervisor or manager. Our sexual harassment lawyers have held many companies liable for sexual harassment of leads if they have the ability to direct or assign work.

Our results on gay sexual harassment cases include: $390,000 for two bisexual woman whose male manager was obsessed seeing them together $105,000 for a gay male sexually harassed by his supervisor $232,000 in a won binding arbitration against a gay male who sexually harassed another man


Fired for complaining of sexual harassment

It is illegal to terminate an employee because of their sexual orientation. It is also unlawful to terminate or force an employee to quit because they opposed sexual harassment in the workplace. If you think you were fired because of your sexual orientation, or because you are transgender status the next step is to contact a wrongful termination lawyer to determine if your case can be proven. Sometimes it is easy to prove an employee was fired due to their sexual orientation because the employer was direct and indicated sexual orientation was the reason for the job termination. Some situations are less clear. For example, more than twenty years ago firm founder Karl Gerber represented a transgender woman who was fired almost immediately after the business owners saw her go into the women’s bathroom and objected.

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Examples of cases in which we have proven the termination was due to sexual orientation include:

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- A high level manager came from New York to meet with the employee. The manager presumably knew the employee was gay for years, but decided to fire him when the worker mentioned recently there were mornings he did not feel well due to medication he took for HIV. The manager was unaware of the employee’s HIV status until that encounter
- A straight head of a non-profit fired a lesbian after he realized she would not have sex with him
- A transsexual manager used the women’s bathroom, the owners discussed it, and lady was fired
- A gay man complained about gay bashing by coworkers and was eventually fired when he got mad at human resources for refusing to provide him with a work environment free of sexual orientation harassment

Proving any employment termination is connected to a protected right, or is done due to whistleblowing is not always easy. It is essential any employee contemplating suing because they were fired for a reason that may be illegal consult with an experienced wrongful termination attorney. When an employee asserts they were fired for being gay or transgender it is also important the hired employment attorney have particular experience proving job terminations are connected to sexual orientation. While many fact patterns may include suspicions whether a lawyer can prove your case is a matter left to an experienced sexual orientation lawyer.


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It is illegal to discriminate, terminate, or harass an employee because they are transgender. The same laws apply in the same fashion to illegal treatment due to being transgender, cross dressing, or sexual identity expression as apply to gay sexual harassment, or job terminations due to being gay. Transgender employees in all stages of reassignment can sue for sexual harassment for conduct done by persons of any sexual orientation. They can also sue for wrongful termination if they are fired, or forced to quit due to their transgender status, or gender identification. Recently we have seen several cases in which transgender women are sexually harassed by straight men. These sexual harassment cases should be prosecuted. Our transgender discrimination lawyers offer our support in these delicate and embarrassing situations.
We have reviewed numerous cases in which transgender people are fired due to their transgender status. Some of these situations occur when an employer realizes the employee is undergoing a reassignment, or the person already has. Difficulties in proving transgender discrimination or wrongful termination exists when the manager who made the termination decision knew of the employee’s transgender status for years and was comfortable. Unless a new manager enters the mix who is not comfortable it is difficult, or often illogical to prove somebody all of the sudden does not want an employee in the workplace due to a protected characteristic they have been accepting of for years. We look forwarding to hearing about any improper workplace treatment due to sexual orientation, or sexual status. Please be open in describing your situation. Our employee lawyers have represented persons with alternative lifestyles for many years and hope to be of service.