Riverside Discrimination Lawyer

We know Job Discrimination Laws because we are your Riverside job discrimination lawyers. Do not be fooled by firms who claim they handle employment law, but only handle one type of employee lawsuit. Do not be fooled by lawyers who claim they are labor lawyers, but will not sue for retaliation under California Labor Code Sections 132a or 1102.5. Being a labor lawyer doesn't mean hanging out for the next big unpaid overtime class action. Being a labor lawyer means representing labor, not just an executive suing for age discrimination in the workplace.

The Employment Lawyers Group cares about the workforce. We care about employee rights and that is why we do not charge job discrimination victims any money up front. We believe in the job discrimination cases we take so do the cases on a contingency which means we only get paid a legal fee if we win. Work discrimination is terrible so we advance the court costs to file lawsuits over work discrimination. Yes, we put our money where our mouth is.

Discrimination on the job may be actionable.
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We know employment laws because we are employment law attorneys. We practice one area of law; employee representation. We do not represent employers sometimes, employees at other times. We do not handle family law, immigration, personal injury, or anything other than workplace employment cases.

We know what workplace harassment is because we have handled hundreds of workplace harassment cases. We know what wrongful termination is because we have handled more than 1,000 wrongful termination cases.

Firm owner, Karl Gerber, feels strongly about Sexual Harassment. Men and women should not experience sexual harassment at work. Nonetheless, hostile work environments based on gender, sex, or sexual favors continue to exist. Some sexual harassment cases are about power. Other sexual harassment cases are about sex. Harassment at work does not always stop because the employee complains of harassment at work. To find out what the next step is if you have complained of harassment at work, call 951-367-1000 for a Riverside Employment Lawyer.

Labor attorneys and employment law firms are not all alike. Many lawyers for discrimination are inexperienced. Many labor attorneys are unwilling to pursue your work discrimination case in court. An employment discrimination lawyer who will not pursue your case in court is not likely to get results on a workplace discrimination case.

Make the right decision and call an employment discrimination lawyer who cares about discrimination laws. Job discrimination laws are only as good as the attorney using them.

Call us today at 951-367-1000 for Riverside labor attorneys who care about job discrimination laws, gender discrimination, the definition of discrimination, and who won't tell you to file an EEOC complaint. EEOC complaints are for people who do not know discrimination laws. Experienced job discrimination lawyers do not recommend the EEOC that pursues weaker Federal job discrimination laws than the state job discrimination laws.

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