What sets our law firm apart from others in Southern California is the head of the law firm does ground up construction and remodels, himself. We understand all aspects of working on a construction site. If you don’t believe us, see all of the job site pictures on this page he took. We truly appreciate the dangers and injuries associated with construction work. It is especially bad when you have given your body to your employer and they are not paying you, wrongfully terminating you, or you have a serious work injury which may mean you have to change careers.

You work hard. When you are not paid for your work that is wrong. Our law firm has been representing employees in unpaid wage lawsuits since 1993. Sometimes people just aren't paid. Other times they are not paid right. Maybe they are not getting paid for all of the hours they worked, maybe they are not getting overtime or prevailing wage. Whatever the wage and hour violation is we can help.

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Working hard and not getting paid for all the hours you worked? Not getting meal breaks but being forced to clock out? Employer wants you to work off the clock? Let our wage lawyers try to recover your unpaid wages so you have a better holiday season next year

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You do nice work, you want to be paid. Representing construction and other workers who were not paid right. Overtime, prevailing wage, commissions, bonuses, meal breaks, rest breaks, prevailing wage fraud. Work injuries. Since 1993 without up front fees or costs. We're the tough guys. Single employee claims, group actions, class actions.

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If you are a construction worker who was fired or cheated out of money owed we are here to help. We represent all forms of labor. Earlier this week, we argued in a closing argument for a directional driller in the oil industry they are not the only workers who directionally drill. It's done in trenchless re-pipes and fiber optic cable laying as well as for gas pipes. We understand construction which will help if the case can be won.

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Plumbing is hard work in the sun even if you are sending a camera down a drain. When your employer does not pay you right, you need the Employment Lawyers Group. Experienced. No time for employees who aren't serious. When you're serious and want to sue we want your call.

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Call now 951-367-1000 LAWYER FOR UNSAFE WORKING CONDITIONS Did your complaint about unpaid wages, harassment, or a lack of accommodation go down a hole? You may need an employee lawyer to get things moving. We look forward to representing you in court

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What's wrong with this picture? Employee safety! The tiles are heavy enough you shouldn't see Van's tennis shoes. Whoever is going to lift these tiles during installation should wear steel toed boots. Employees fired for safety complaints can sue for wrongful termination. Employees who are paid by the tile to install these tiles but not paid overtime have an overtime case. We're here to bring lawsuits against employers due to labor violations.

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Material loading on heavy equipment is a dangerous job. Besides dust heavy equipment accidents are not good. We have found most operators are not provided proper face masks, and are poorly trained. Workplace accidents, unpaid wages, and whistle blowers sue complain about unsafe workplaces are our practice areas.

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We're your workplace lawyers for unpaid wages, unsafe working conditions, work injuries, and wrongful termination after complaining about unpaid wages or unsafe working conditions

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Did your employer turn off the circuit on you? We sue for job loss, unpaid wages, work injuries, and harassment. If you hire us we won't turn the breaker off on you. We standby our clients through binding arbitration and trial.

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A safety complaint that gets an employee fired qualifies for wrongful termination even if it does not violate an OSHA standard. Blocking a drainage pathway as depicted in this picture is bad. It can lead to flooding, loss of human life. If an employee complained it was illegal to block an easement and there could be property damage or personal injury that complaint could support wrongful termination. Just remember, wrongful termination is not a job termination about a reason you don't agree with or you think is not the real reason. You have to be a whistle blower, or you have to be fired for a protected characteristic.

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Wrongful Termination is not about shoddy work. Employees can be fired for bad work, or even the employer's perception it is bad work if it is not. Wrongful termination is a whistleblowing tort where the employee is fired for complaining about something illegal.

If somebody is fired due to a protected characteristic like a medical condition, or their age that can also be wrongful termination. If you were wrongfully terminated call us. We've been doing this since 1993. Who else has?

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We're looking out for your legal interests from our driver's mirror. You worked hard and were screwed. That is where we come in. Unpaid wages, unpaid mileage, overtime, meal breaks, rest breaks, job injuries, fired due to medical conditions (FMLA, disability), whistle blowers and wrongful termination. No up front fees or costs since 1993. Serious, experienced employee lawyers.

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We are answering our phones and talking to new clients. Be considerate and nice because it is hard to operate a law firm with most of its staff working remotely. We know it is hard when you were wrongfully fired or are owed wages from your employer. These are hard times for everybody. We'll try to work with you if you try to work with us. No clue what's going on in this picture? Or you think the point is some big thing is supposed to go into some small hole. Either or explains how it is to be a regular person and have a legal issue against your employer. You don't really know. You don't even know what to ask the lawyer. Call our experienced employment lawyers and us ask the right questions, get to the bottom of it. Guess what? We can do that in 1-3 minutes. Just because we're that good doesn't mean you should call when you're going through the drive-thru. Legal issues about your career are important. Treat the inquiry accordingly and do call.

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