A job lawyer can assist you in obtaining justice if your employment rights were violated. Job lawyers represent employees in lawsuits against their employers for wrongful termination, discrimination based upon protected characteristics, sexual harassment, CFRA/FMLA violations, work-related injuries, unpaid wages, and breach of contract.

Our job lawyers have handled all sorts of workplace disputes including the representation of parents fired for attending mandatory meetings at their child’s school, military members fired due to military obligations, employees fired for attending jury service, and employees fired for disclosing their wages. Since 1993 firm founder, Karl Gerber, has utilized virtually every California employment law to seek redress for his clients’ workplace wrongs.

In the area of wage recovery lawsuits we represent both individuals, groups of employees, and classes of employees in cases aimed at recovering unpaid wages. For hourly workers these cases include unpaid controlled standby pay, double time pay, meal breaks violations, minimum wage violations, overtime, prevailing wage, reporting time pay, and rest breaks. For non-exempt employees we have recovered bonuses, commissions, profit sharing, and stock options.



Our law firm limits itself to representing employees. All employment matters are taken on a contingency which means we are only paid when and if we are able to collect money from your employer. We advance litigation costs such as the costs of depositions and court filing fees. Since 1993 we have represented California employees. We practice labor law throughout California, and have offices in Riverside, Tustin, Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Oxnard, San Diego, and San Francisco. Our employee law firm also operates in Massachusetts. CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF OUR LOCATIONS The founder of our firm is also licensed in the District of Columbia and Texas.

In California we have obtained monetary recovery in over 1,580 separate employee lawsuits. We have also assisted hundreds of employees in obtaining representation from other labor lawyers when they have employment lawsuits we do not feel we can handle. While we would like to help every wronged employee we are restricted to accepting cases that are collectible, strong on the merits, involve significant wrongs, are likely to result in significant damage awards, and are not against government entities. Because we are so entrenched in the field of employment law we are well connected with smaller firms who are able to take smaller employment disputes. Mr. Gerber’s former law partner will also take a look at cases against government entities we feel merit his assessment.

By way of background these are a few statistics about our law firm:

  • Firm head, Karl Gerber, has won 45/47 of the binding arbitrations and trials he first-chaired
  • Our law firm has numerous published opinions
  • We have sued and recovered money from California’s largest employer
  • We have represented employees in class actions
  • We have recovered far more than $100,000,000 for California employees
  • We are generally the first employee law firm to challenge new California legal theories
  • Firm head, Karl Gerber, has practiced labor law in most of the 50 states

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The below questions may assist you in determining if need a work attorney. Not all workplace conduct merits the hiring of an employee lawyer. Serious situations involving harassment, the loss of a job, or significant unpaid wages do.

  • Have you been fired from your place of employment?
  • Were you retaliated against or terminated for reporting illegal activity your employer was involved in (whistle blowing)?
  • Were you terminated after a work injury, or after filing a workers’ compensation claim?
  • Were you terminated in breach of a written or implied contract with your employer?
  • Are you being harassed at work due to your age, pregnancy, sex, sexual orientation, disability, nation of origin, or religion?
  • Did you experience sexual harassment at work?
  • Have you complained to your employer about the harassment only to be retaliated against or has the harassment continued?
  • Have you been discriminated against due to a protected condition?
  • Are you currently pregnant and have been harassed, demoted, or terminated for taking the maternity leave or pregnancy related medical accommodations?
  • Are you suffering with or recovering from cancer or another serious medical condition and has resulted in termination of employment?
  • Were you denied your rights under FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) or CFRA (California Family Rights Act)?
  • Does your pregnancy or medical condition require work modifications or restrictions prescribed by a doctor that your employer refused to accommodate?


There are many different reasons why an employee may be owed wages. Are you owed wages, and if so how much is the fundamental question?

  • Are you owed wages by your employer for unpaid salary, overtime, bonuses, or stolen wages?
  • Are you been paid less than the legal minimum wage?
  • Is your employer denying you meal breaks or rest periods?
  • Are your paystubs understandable, or are you entitled to a $100 fine for each paystub not explaining your rate of pay, hourly rate, or other pertinent information?

Besides routine cases for nonpayment of minimum wage, overtime, or meal breaks our wage recovery law firm has particular expertise in controlled standby, reporting time pay cases, and prevailing wage lawsuits. When you call our firm at 951-367-1000 be prepared to discuss your length of employment, the suspected wage violation, the amount of money you may be owed, and whether the unlawful wage practice affected other employees.