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Job site safety is important.

Job site safety is important. At the end of the work day a proper clean up is required. Environments where there is not a path to walk are dangerous on construction sites and in warehouses.
Lately I have taken several cases in which the employee is fired due to complaints about a lack of safety at work. In today's environment with warehouse quotas and workers rushing to get their jobs done a disregard for safety is reaching a new level.
Employees fired due to safety complaints can file wrongful termination lawsuits. They can also file charges with OSHA.
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Riverside Court of Appeals

This is the Court of Appeals in Riverside. I was here today arguing an appeal.
The wrongful termination case involved a truck driver not allowed to get off his truck for in excess 28 days. He did not get a day off during the drive. The truck did not stop other than for refueling. The truck lacked bathroom facilities, or more than an 8 by 8 place he could sleep while the other driver drove. The truck driver was never put back onto the schedule after he requested, "Home time" and got off the truck for a few days after asserting his right to get a day off in seven.
This is one of the most outrageous labor abuses I have seen in some time. The employer is CRST.
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