Because of the Inland Empire’s high rate of employment, low cost for land, access to the rails, and proximity to Los Angeles County, Orange County, and in some respects the Nevada boarder, nationwide businesses are eager to locate their warehouse operations in the Inland Empire. The latest is Amazon has announced plans to dramatically increase their warehouse workers in Riverside County.

Common examples of employment cases we have handled due to Inland Empire warehouse operations include:

  • A $675,000 sexual harassmentcase against the only 3 females employed in the warehouse;
  • Many cases in which employees are fired due to work related injuries that require time off, or might qualify as disabilities;
  • Whistle blowers about safety violations that implicate Cal-OSHA, unhealthful conditions in unventilated warehouses, inadequate safety equipment, false DOT certifications for trucks, and forklifts that produce undue levels of exhaust;
  • nationalities whom discrimination against other nationalities in what is known as national origin discrimination and national origin harassment;
  • Work related injuries. Common warehouse injuries are back injuries including herniated discs otherwise known as slipped discs. Broken bones are also common warehouse injuries. Lately, we are seeing increased incidents of lung and breathing disorders due to the air-quality in warehouses.
  • Strange arrangements with temporary agencies even though the warehouse job is always at the same employer;
  • Overtime disputes. Sometimes these disputes are between both temporary agencies and the warehouse that employs the supervisors of the warehouse workers. If you are a Riverside warehouse worker, it might be worth keeping our telephone number in case you have an employment problem due to your Inland Empire Warehouse job.

Here's how it works, make a right turn off that off ramp, pass the shopping center, and then you're at our Riverside office. We've been doing a lot of business there representing employees in all sorts of cases, including class actions, for some years now. The interior on the second floor is remodeled and looks nice!

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